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话题11 领导人
A good leader is always working hard like a horse.
As the CEO of the company, he is under much pressure.
I like those leaders who are friendly and easy-going among their employees.
Good leaders are close to their employees.
Rules and regulations are the best way to standardize a company.
Since he's a leader, he's supposed to take the lead.
If I were the leader, I' would be on equal terms with my employees.
A professional leader is always ready to take challenges and risks.
He's responsible to make important decisions and budgets for the company.
He's an expert on finance and good at interpreting the government policies.
A sales manager is supposed to sale services and products to potential customers.
She is playing a role of a manager and a role of a mother at the same time.
话题12 书籍
A good book should not only have interesting plots but also significant themes.
Books are beyond my interests.
Recently I've been reading a book written by Mark Twain.
I often poke along in secondhand bookstores in search of interesting used books.
I prefer romantic stories to realistic novels.
Nowadays the market is full of slipshod books churned out in a few days.
Novels on great heroes are popular in China.
People have different tastes for books.
I can find all kinds of books on the Internet for free.
I read romantic novels in my spare time for pleasure.
We should resist pirated books in order to protect the interests of the authors.
In order to borrow books from the school library, I applied for a reading card.
话题13 衣服
I always wore hand-me-downs when I was a little girl.
I like baggy pants because they are comfortable.
I do not like skintight clothes.
I admire the fashionable clothes on fashion magazines, but I won't wear them.
Clothes demonstrated on fashion shows are not intended for everyday use.
Different occasions require you to wear different clothes.
You should wear formal clothes on important occasions to be polite.
Young people are keen for fashion.
Nowadays people have more choices for clothes than ten years ago.
China is a great manufacturer and exporter of clothes.
Clothes made of cotton are healthier than those made of synthetic materials.
Old people are more conservative about what to wear.
话题14 计算机
Our life is made more convenient because of the invention of computers.
Computer provides people with different sorts of entertainment such as listening to music and watching films.
It's said that radiation of the computer screen is harmful to our health.
Many young people indulge themselves in surfing on the internet and neglect their studies.
Pregnant women should not sit in front of a computer for too long.
I'm a computer novice.
For me, computer is a means of study and entertainment.
Computer viruses can cause a lot of damage.
Many young people are obsessed with playing computer games and neglect their studies.
Computer can be a two-edged sword.
Computer is a problem while it brings convenience to people.
Computer has received more and more social attention from all walks of life.
话题15 烹饪与食物
China is a country with a splendid catering culture.
There are eight major cuisines in China.
Sichuan dishes are spicy and hot.
Roasted beijing duck is a famous specialty in beijing.
I like Cantonese food because it's light in flavour.
My mother has excellent culinary skills.
Learn cooking from my mother and cookery books.
I often watch cooking programs on TV to learn cooking.
My father is a gourmet.
My mother always experiments on new dishes.
Food in restaurant always has too much MSG.
My mother is health-conscious and prepares food with little MSG and salt.
话题16 金钱
Money is not the thing that I'm after.
We should not let riches govern us.
The young people tend to be loose with their money.
Many young people borrow from Peter to pay Paul.
Time is often compared to money for its preciousness.
Many low income families can not make their ends meet.
Old people are often thrifty in money.
You obtain money in a right way and use it thriftily.
"Money talks" could not be applied to every situation.
Thrifty is one of the traditional virtues of Chinese people.
Money is often where all the trouble starts.
We should cultivate children's capability of dealing with their money.
话题17 信或卡片
Modern science and technology brings a huge impact on people's way of communication.
Letters are gradually giving way to e-mails.
E-mails are faster and almost cost free.
Traditional cards and letters are not environment-friendly as they are made of paper.
Sometimes writing a letter is more polite and more formal.
After receiving a gift, it's thoughtful to write a thank-you note.
Old people tend to love the sensation of traditional letters.
Young people today prefer to call rather than write letters.
Whenever I receive a letter from a friend, I feel happy.
Most of us have been harassed by junk mails.
A letter written in pen can express the feelings much more deeply than an e-mail.
E-cards are much more popular for its convenience and sending speed.
话题18 礼物
We send gifts to each other on important festivals.
Sending gifts is a way of expressing your gratitude to some person.
Gifts represent our best wishes.
When people are choosing gifts, they tend to be influenced by advertisement.
In my opinion, the giver's sincerity is more important than the price of the gift.
We tend to send nutritious food to old people as gifts.
Take account of the personal preference of the receiver when choosing a gift.
Show your gratitude when receiving a gift.
We Chinese people do not open the gift on the spot when receiving it.
In China when people say the gift is worth nothing, they are just trying to be modest.
I value handmade gifts more than expensive gifts bought from big stores.
Gifts can not buy friendship.
话题19 手工艺品
Handicrafts are sold at many tourist sites as souvenirs.
Handicrafts are more time-consuming and delicate than those made by machines.
Many people in rural areas make handicrafts as a source of income.
The skills to make handicrafts such as paper cutting are national treasure.
The skills to make some handicrafts are to be lost.
Refined handicrafts are welcomed by foreign guests.
The local government should take some measures to protect some handicraft-making skills.
Many handicraft skills are only passed to male descents of the family.
Handicrafts are more ethical that can help you understand the culture there.
Handicrafts sometimes are unique so that they are of great value.
Products made by machines can never take place of handicrafts.
Some products made by machines look almost the same as handicrafts, which become hard for us to tell.
话题20 日记
Writing and keeping a diary is a good habit.
I often note down what I did, what I saw and what I thought every day.
I don't write journals in my notebook but online.
You have to be careful not to let out your privacy in your journal.
I have a blog of my own and publish my journals online.
Writing journals on-line is a trend among young people even celebrities.
I don't mind how many people are reading my journals every day.
Diaries or journals can be taken as a collection of my past stories.
Writing can make us think and keep a clear mind.
I'm too busy to write diaries because my rhythm of life is fast.
Writng is a necessary and useful skill to everyone in the modern world.
You will find out yourself and see the world clearly if you write and think.

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