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I will see about it. 我来处理这事。

I went to the airport to see him off. 我到机场去给他送行。

I'll see you out. 我送你到门口。

I'd like to see over the house. 我想参观一下这座房子。

I saw through his trick (lies). 我看穿了他的诡计(谎言)。

Don't worry about money;I'll see you through. 不要为钱发愁,我会帮你度过难关。

I've a mass of things to see to this morning. 今早我有一大堆事要处理。

Has the car been seen to yet? 汽车修了吗?

I'll see to it that you are not inconvenienced. 我将留意不给你造成不便。

Your house ought to sell for at least £ 12,000. 你的房子至少可以卖12,00镑。

The firm sold off its summer stock to be ready for the new winter goods. 这家商号贱价卖掉它的夏季存货,准备购进新的冬季商品。

The shop sold out all the shirts. 这家商店把所有衬衫都卖出去了。

Sorry, the tickets are sold out. 对不起,票都卖光了。

Bad news sent market prices down. 坏消息使市场价格下降了。

Have you sent for the doctor? 你派人去请医生了吗?

If you want a visa, be sure to send in your application in good time. 你如果想要签证,一定要及时把申请书寄去。

Why haven't you got my letter? I sent it off last week. 为什么你还没收到我的信?我上星期发出的。

I'll send on any letters that come for you. 我将把所有给你的信都转给你。

Some stars send out vast quantities of radiation. 有些星星散发出大量的辐射。

Any increase in production costs is bound to send up prices. 任何生产成本的增加一定会使价格上涨。

I don't know how to set about it. 我不知道怎样着手办这事。

She set the children against their father. 她让孩子和他们的父亲为敌。

Set down your heavy bags and take a rest. 把你沉重的行李放下休息一会儿。

He tried to set his ideas down. 他设法把他的想法写下来。

Winter set in early. 冬天早早来临了。

Then we shall set off together. 然后我们将一道出发。

They set off fireworks and make speeches to mark the occasion. 他们燃放烟火并发表演说来纪念这个日子。

They set out as the sun was rising. 太阳出来时他们出发了。

They set out all their reasons. 他们列举了他们的种种理由。

They set up a First Aid Post on the beach. 他们在海滩上建立了一个急救站。

He set up a new record for the 1,000 metres. 他创了一千米赛跑的新纪录。

He is settling down to his new job. 他正在安下心来干他的新工作。

They have settled down very happily in their new home. 他们高兴地在他们的新家定居了。

After some discussion we settled on a date in early July. 经过一番讨论我们选定了七月初的一个日子。

Tell me what I owe you and I'll settle up. 告诉我该付多少钱,我来结账。

I just can't shake off this cold. 这感冒我就是好不了。

Let me shake up a cocktail for you. 我来给你调制一杯鸡尾酒。

They were shooting at a target. 他们在打靶。

He suddenly shot out his fist. 他猛地打出一拳。

The rocket shot up into the sky. 火箭射向天空。

Don't shout at me. 别冲我嚷嚷。

They shouted the speaker down. 他们喊叫着把演讲人哄下台。

I shall be delighted to show you around the place. 我将很高兴带你到处看看。

They only wanted to show off their dresses. 他们只是想展示他们的服装。

She loves showing off. 她喜欢卖弄。

He was invited, but didn't show up. 他受到邀请,但没有来。

They shut down their factory. 他们把工厂关闭了。

He shut himself in his room to think. 他把自己关在屋里进行思考。

Shut the steam off—it's getting too warm in here. 把暖气关掉,屋里太暖和了。

He's shutting himself off from society. 他把自己和社会隔离开来。

These trees shut out the view. 这些树挡住了视野。

They shut the boy up in the cellar. 他们把那男孩关在地窖里。

Oh, shut up! I'm tired of your talk. 闭嘴!你的话我都听厌了。

John wants to sign up for the contest. 约翰想报名参加比赛。

His eyes have sunk in. 他的眼睛陷下去了。

He sank into a deep sleep. 他陷入沉睡之中。

Please sit down, all of you. 请大家都坐下。

He sat for a scholarship but failed to win it. 他参加奖学金考试但没成功。

We're having a conference and we'd like you to sit in. 我们在开会,想请你旁听。

I sat up until midnight, writing letters. 我到半夜都没睡,一直在写信。

What others think I do not know. I can only speak for myself. 别人怎么想我不知道,我只能谈我自己的意见。

He always speaks out against injustice. 他一贯大胆讲话反对不公平的事。

If you thought that wasn't fair, why didn't you speak up? 如果你认为那不公平,你为什么不坦率地讲出来?

You can't stand by and allow such a thing. 你不能袖手旁观允许发生这样的事。

Our flag stands for our country. 我们的旗帜代表我们的国家。

The new President stood for honest government. 新总统主张诚实政府。

On this list two names stand out particularly. 在这名单上两个名字特别突出。

One should stand up for the weak and oppressed. 我们应为弱小受压迫的人说话。

We're determined to stand up for our rights. 我们决心维护我们的权力。

A soldier must stand up to danger. 军人必须敢于面对危险。

Stay away from dangerous electrical things. 不要靠近危险的电器。

He stayed behind to finish some work. 他留下来完成一些工作。

Can you stay for dinner? 你能留下吃晚饭吗?

I'm staying in tonight to watch television. 我今晚留在家里看电视。

You oughtn't to stay out so late. 你不应该在外头待得这么晚。

I stayed up reading until midnight. 我看书直到深夜。

When the judge became ill, he had to step down. 那位法官生病时不得不让位。

The police had to step in to control the outbreak of rioting. 警察不得不进行干预来控制骚乱的爆发。

The factory has stepped up production. 工厂已加速生产。

He sticks at his work ten hours a day. 他每天坚持工作十小时。

He is sticking to his principles in this matter. 在这件事上他是坚持原则的。

I stopped in to see her this afternoon. 今天下午我顺路去看了看她。

We'll stop off for a few days in Paris to visit my cousins. 我们路上将在巴黎停留几天来看望我的表兄妹。

Leaves stopped up the drain. 树叶把下水道堵住了。

He struck at the dog with his stick. 他用拐杖打狗。

When he attacked me, naturally I struck back. 他袭击我时,我当然反击了他。

They struck him down and kicked him. 他们把他打倒在地并踢他。

They struck him off the list of players. 他们把他从球员的名单上划掉了。

He struck their names out. 他把他们的名字划掉了。

The band struck up Blue Danube. 乐队奏起“蓝色的多瑙?”。

All his life he has been struggling against injustice. 他一生都和不公正的事作斗争。

The poor had to struggle for a living. 穷人们只得为生活而挣扎。

All his life he has been struggling with illness. 他一生都和疾病作斗争。

He suffered a great deal from cold and hunger. 他饱受饥寒之苦。

The judge summed up the evidence. 法官总结了证词。

This supermarket supplies us with all we need. 这家超市提供我们所需要的一切。

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