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第19章 主 语 19.3 主语从句






19.3 主语从句

19.3.1 三种类型的主语从句


1) 由that引导的主语从句:

That he hasn't phoned is odd. 他没来电话是很奇怪的。

It's certain that prices will go up. 物价要上涨是肯定的。

2) 由连接代(副)词引导的主语从句:

Why he left wasn't important. 他为什么走并不重要。

It was uncertain whether he would come or not. 他来不来还不肯定。

3) 由关系代词型what或whatever引导的从句:

What I want is a canvas travelling bag. 我要的是一个帆布旅行袋。

Whatever she did was right. 她做的一切都是对的。

19.3.2 由that 引导的主语从句

1) 这是用得最多的一种主语从句,但把这种主语从句放在句首是很少的,只有为了强调或谓语较长时才作这样的安排:

That prices will go up is certain. 物价要上涨是肯定的。

That she is still alive is a consolation. 她还活着是令人感到宽慰的。

That she became an artist may have been due to her father's influence. 她成为画家可能是受她父亲的影响。

That she was chosen made a tremendous stir in her village. 她被选中在她村子里引起很大轰动。


2) 带先行主语的句子主要有下面几类:

a. it+be+形容词+that从句:

It is natural that they should have different views. 他们有不同观点是很自然的。

It was quite plain that she didn't want to come. 很明显她不想来。

It is imperative that we leave at once. 我们必须马上离开。

It's strange that he knows nothing about it. 很奇怪他对此竟一无所知。

b. it+be+名词+that从句:

It's a shame (that) you're sick. 真遗憾你病了。

It's a pity (that) he can't swim. 真遗憾他不会游泳。

It's a wonder that he is still alive. 他还活着真是奇迹。

It was a fearful disappointment to your mother that you didn't come yesterday. 你昨天没来让你母亲大失所望。

c. it+动词(+宾语或状语)+that从句:

It happened that she wasn't in that day. 碰巧那天她不在家。

It never occurred to me that perhaps she was lying. 我从未想到或许她是在说谎。

It seems that you're right. 似乎你是对的。

It struck me that we ought to make a new plan. 我忽然想起我们应制订一个新计划。

d. it+动词的被动语态+that从句:

It's said that there has been an earthquake in India. 据说印度发生了地震。

It was rumoured that he was suffering from a stone in the kidney. 谣传说他患有肾结石。

It's reported that the enemy troops have crossed the border. 据报导敌军已越过边界。

It is estimated that 25 million school lunches are sold each day. 据估计每天要出售两千五百万份学校午餐。

e. it+动词be+that从句:

It may be that you'll prove yourself the most suitable man. 或许你会证明自己是最合适的人选。

Is it that the gentleman is not your uncle? 是否那位先生并不是你的叔叔?

No , no, it couldn't be that they were interested in him. 不,不,他们不可能对他有兴趣。


It was clear his words pleased her. 显然他的话使她很高兴。

It's not our fault this has happened. 发生这事不是我们的错。

It strikes me Kent is a nice lad. 我感到肯特是个好小伙子。

19.3.3 由连接代(副)词引导的主语从句

1) 这类从句还不少,可放在句首:

When he'll be back depends much on the weather. 他什么时候回来很大程度上取决于天气。

How it was done was a mystery. 这是怎样做的是一个谜。

Who is to be sent there hasn't been decided. 派谁去还没有决定。

Whether we'll succeed remains to be seen. 我们能否成功还要拭目以待。


It hasn't been announced who are the winners. 谁获胜还没有宣布。

It was clear enough what he meant. 他的意思很清楚。

It's no business of yours where I spend my summer. 我在哪儿过夏天不干你的事。

It's doubtful whether we'll be able to come. 我们是否能来还是个疑问。


2) 用it作先行主语时后面也有四类结构:

a. it+be+形容词+从句:

It was not clear to me why he behaved like that. 我不太清楚他为什么会这样做。

It's uncertain whether the game will be held. 球赛是否举行还不确定。

It's doubtful whether the payment is legal. 这样付款是否合法是一个疑问。

It is amazing that he should have said nothing about the murder. 对这起谋杀案他竟然只字未提真令人惊讶。

b. it+be+名词+从句:

It was a mystery how the burglars got in. 小偷怎么进去的是一个谜。

It's a puzzle how life began. 生命如何开始的是一个谜。

It was a question whether he should get married. 他是否应结婚还是个问题。

It is a marvel why he works so hard. 他为什么这样拼命干活令人惊异。

c. it+动词(+宾语或状语)+从句:

It doesn't matter much where we live. 我们在哪儿住都没多大关系。

It makes no difference whether we go by train or by boat. 我们坐火车去还是坐船去都无所谓。

It struck her how considerate he was. 她深感他考虑得多么周到。

It became a matter of doubt whether he had really done it. 他是否真做了这事变得可疑起来。

d. it+动词的被动语态+从句:

It is not yet settled whether I am going to America. 我是否去美国还没决定。

Is it known where he went? 有人知道他去哪里了吗?

It is not decided who will edit it. 还没决定谁来对它进行编辑。

It is being considered whether she should be promoted. 正在考虑她是否应当升职。

19.3.4 由关系代词型what引导的主语从句

1) 关系代词型what也常可引导从句作主语:

What you said is perfectly true. 你说的完全是实情。

What will be, will be. (谚)该发生的事总会发生。

What is over is over. 过去的事就过去了。

What follows is the narrative of his experiences. 下面是他对自己经历的叙述。

What I'm afraid of is their taking her to Paris. 我担心的是他们把她带往巴黎。

What he saw made him tremble. 他看到的情况使他发抖。

What hurt my feelings was the judge's comment. 伤害我感情的是评审员的评语。

What you should do is to choose a company to invest in. 你该做的是选一家公司投资。

2) whatever,whoever这类词也可以引导主语从句:

Whatever she did was right. 她做的一切都是对的。

I didn't think whatever they say amounts to much. 我不认为他们说的话有多大价值。

Whatever she says goes. 一切她说了算。

Whoever comes will be welcome. 谁来都欢迎。

Whoever wants to go may sign up here. 谁想去可以在这里签名。

Whoever gets the job will have lots of work to do. 谁要是得到这份工作,就会有很多活要干。

Whichever (of you) comes in first will receive a prize. 不管(你们)谁第一个到都可以得到一份奖品。

Whichever you want is yours. 你要哪一个,哪一个就归你。

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