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2013-05-02BBC News:苹果第一季度净利润十年来首次下滑

BBC News with Julie Candler朱莉·坎德勒为你播报BBC新闻。France’s national assembly has voted overwhelmingly in fa... [查看全文]

2013-04-30BBC News:叙利亚阿勒颇大清真寺在战争中被毁

BBC News with Jerry SmitThe 11th century minaret of the Great Mosque in the city of Aleppo, part of a Unesco ... [查看全文]

2013-04-28BBC News:加拿大警方逮捕恐怖主义嫌疑人

BBC News with Julie Candler.The police in Canada say they’ve foiled a major terror plot supported by al-Qae... [查看全文]

2013-04-27BBC News:波士顿警署称爆炸案嫌犯策划更多袭击案

BBC News with Julie CandlerThe Boston police commissioner says he believes the two men suspected of bombing the ... [查看全文]

2013-04-24BBC News:开普勒望远镜发现迄今最宜居系外行星

BBC News with Neil Nunes尼尔·努涅斯为你播报BBC新闻。President Obama has paid tribute to the people of Boston at a... [查看全文]

2013-04-23BBC News:撒切尔夫人葬礼在伦敦圣保罗大教堂举行

BBC News with Julie CandlerMedia reports in the United States say investigators have identified a suspect in the... [查看全文]

2013-04-23BBC News:奥巴马称波士顿炸弹袭击为懦弱的恐怖行径

BBC News with Julie Candler朱莉·坎德勒为你播报BBC新闻。President Obama has described Monday’s deadly bomb attack... [查看全文]

2013-04-22BBC News:波士顿马拉松比赛现场发生爆炸事件

[00:00.02]BBC News with Jonathan Izard.Jonathan Izard为您报道BBC新闻。[00:04.37]Police say at least two people have be... [查看全文]

2013-04-20BBC News:国务卿克里在日本承诺确保地区和平

BBC News with Jerry Smit.杰里·斯密特为你播报BBC新闻。Militants belonging to the Islamist group al-Shabab have carried... [查看全文]

2013-04-19BBC News:中美两国愿意携手说服朝鲜放弃核武器

BBC News with Jim Lee吉姆·李为你播报BBC新闻。After a day of intense diplomacy in Beijing, the United States and C... [查看全文]